Feather Lift - Threading

Unique to Dr. Fragen's practice is the FeatherLiftâ„¢ with Aptosâ„¢ thread.

A new method of reversing facial sagging with self-retaining threads. Dr. Fragen hosted the first US seminar in Face Lifting using Aptosâ„¢ threads in May of 2002. We have worked with KMI in designing and testing an improved thread design.

The best patients are those with some relaxation a year or two after face lifts, and younger patients who require only limited lifting.

The combination of Botoxâ„¢ and threading is excellent for the lateral eyebrow and forehead area. This is especially good for men who don't want incisional surgery because of hair style.

The FeatherLiftâ„¢ can be performed under local anesthesia with a minimal recovery time and can be used in combination with filler materials and resurfacing.

Aptosâ„¢ threads are not yet approved for use by the FDA.

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